Hello, my name is Vera Farwell and I am the owner of Prairie Pet Valet. I am a certified  veterinary technician.  I attended the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal  Technology in Denver Colorado. This is the home of Animal Planets “Emergency Vets” at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.  I worked as  a veterinary technician in Denver and Wichita for  ten years, in both small animal and mixed practices.   I loved doing laboratory testing so I returned to school for a degree in Medical Technology. I worked at various hospitals and physician office laboratories in Wichita for twenty years.  Now  I’ve decided I need a change and I’m putting all my skills I’ve learned along the way into my pet sitting business.

     During all of this time I’ve still managed to have some sort of animal menagerie at home. Currently I have two horses, one cat and five dogs!   I do volunteer work for the Oklahoma Westie Rescue. My duties include new home visits and transporting dogs in need from Wichita  down to Tulsa.  Of the five dogs I now have, three are rescues and  two are foster dogs.

      I have learned so many things from my rescue dogs who have been puppy mill discards.  Puppy Mill dogs are dumped  when it  becomes too difficult for the dog fulfill their job of making puppies to sell.  When the dog’s can’t have any more puppies or at about six years of age, they are auctioned off.  If they are lucky they will be surrendered to a rescue or dumped at a shelter.  You would think that these dogs would hate humans, but after a period of adjustment they are some of the most grateful and loving dogs you’ll ever meet.  I urge everyone to adopt from a rescue or Kansas humane society.

     How does all of this history help you and your pet.  I understand that some dogs are  traumatized or are lacking in social skills.  I know the signs of a frightened pet and I will do my best to keep them comfortable in their own home while you’re away.  If anything goes wrong I’ll keep you informed and get the attention your pet needs right away.

Please call today to learn more about pet sitting with Prairie Pet Valet  778-0032.