cat boarding in Andover Kansas

Does your cat have the right personality for boarding?

  • Does your cat greet you when you get home?
  • When you have company does kitty come out to visit?
  • How does kitty react to other cats or dogs?


How’s your kitty’s health?

  • Is your kitty older or more set in their ways and not so crazy about visitors.
  • Does your  kitty need a special diet?
  • Is your kitty’s favorite hobby looking out the window and napping.


Does your kitty ride in the car like a pro?

  • When you get the crate out does kitty disappear?
  • How many people do you need to get the cat into the kennel.
  • Does kitty treat you to a yowl fest all the way to the boarding facility.
  • Is a foul odor coming from the crate while your driving to the kennel.


Why your kitty will thank you for hiring a pet sitter.

  • Kitty can stay in the comfort of his own home.
  • The diet remains unchanged and kitties appetite is monitored.
  • Daily one on one play or dote sessions for kitty while your gone, never hurts either.
  • Kitty can use his own bathroom and supplies.  We’ll take care of this also.
  • Most importantly kitty naps can continue uninterrupted while your gone.
  • No exposure to those feline upper respiratory virus’s that are common in kennels.


If you decide to use a kennel here are somethings to look out for.

  • Makes sure they have separate facilities for cats and dogs.
  • Ask to tour the facilities.
  • Does it smell anything but clean.
  • Ask the kennel if you can bring your cats own diet.
  • Does the staff seem helpful and knowledgeable.


For the best choice for your kitty call 778-0032.