dog boarding in Andover Kansas

Does your dog have the right personality for dog boarding?

  • Is your dog timid or easily overwhelmed by people or other dogs.
  • If your dog is frightened or intimidated by other dogs
  • How does your dog react to visitors in your home.
  • Is your dog elderly or not as steady on their feet as they use to be?


Things in the kennel you may not have noticed.

  • No peace and quite. it’s loud with constant barking.
  • No Privacy.   A lot of kennels have chain link between the runs-little dogs are put right next to big dogs.
  • No control over the food thats fed.


How do these things stress my dog out?

  • Some dogs may bark the whole time while kenneled
  • The constant noise may make your dog frazzled and frightened.
  • The food change may not agree with your dogs digestive system.  i.e. diarrhea.
  • Elderly dogs may have a hard time adjusting to all the changes and go off their food because there stressed.


Why your dog will thank you for using a pet sitter.

  • Your dog stays in familiar surroundings.
  • Your dogs routine stays close to normal.
  • No change in diet here.
  • Some special time spent playing with your dog one on one.
  • No unwanted kennel viruses and or diet changes.
  • Peace and quiet. 

What happens if my dog gets sick while I’m gone.

Because we are monitoring your pet every time we see them, if anything doesn’t seem right we’re right on top of it.  We will contact you and keep you in the loop.


If you decide to use a kennel here are somethings to look out for.

  • Makes sure they have separate facilities for cats and dogs.
  • Ask to tour the facilities.
  • Does it smell anything but clean.
  • Ask the kennel if you can bring your cats own diet.
  • Does the staff seem helpful and knowledgeable.



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