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Why hire a professional pet sitter?

While hiring a neighbor, friend or family member maybe cheaper, your pets may not receive the attention and care they deserve.  Someone who lacks experience with caring for multiple pets may miss signs that your pet is not feeling well .    When your hire a professional pet sitter your pets will all stay together, in their own home, where the daily routine stays the same and the stress is markedly reduced.  By staying at home your family’s pet is not exposed to fleas, Parvo virus, kennel cough and or other contagious  disease.  Kitty is safe from exposure to FLV , FIP and more. You will not have to arrange a time to drop and pick up your pet at the kennel, which adds to your stress level.


 Is your business insured?

Prairie Pet Valet is bonded and insured by Mourer Foster for your protection. I have completed a back ground check.   We try to take every precaution so you don’t have to worry.


Do you offer overnight visits?

At this time, I am not offering overnight visits -updated  4/1/2013


What times will you visit my pet(s)?

We spread your visits out as evenly as possible. We try to complete services within a one-two hour window of your preferred time frame to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible, but again, this cannot be guaranteed due to other pet needs and traffic conditions. We will ask for your preferred time frames and use this as a reference, but please understand that it is impossible for us to guarantee specific times for every client.


What is the minimum number of visits required?

Cat sits once daily.

Dog sits twice daily.

Horses sits once daily.


Can you administer medication to my pet?

I can administer oral and injectable medications.   If your pet is on insulin I will talk to you about his schedule and dosage. 


What is a meet and greet?   Is this required before I start your service?

I require an initial consultation or a meet and greet starting service.  The meeting typically takes about 20  minutes. At the meeting we will discuss your needs, meet your pet(s), answer any questions you may have and fill out the necessary paperwork.  I will need two keys to your home.


How will I be billed? What are your payment methods?

Payment  is due before beginning service.  Prairie Pet Valet accepts a check, cash, credit card. 


What experience do you have caring for animals?

I have had animals all of my life from hamsters to parakeets and now horses.  I am a certified veterinary technician and have worked in the field for ten years.   I have a good relationship with my current veterinarian.


 Do I need to show proof of vaccinations?

Your vaccination schedule is between you and your vet.   


My dog will not wander off. Is a leash for walking required?

I will not let dogs outside to relieve them self in an unsecured area without a fence off leash.  I will make an exception to this for farm dogs, who seem to just want to tag along with you as you do the chores.


How do I fill out the paperwork and information for my pets

I will fill out the forms at the consultation.  The forms we need filled out are the service agreement and the veterinary release.  I will need your signature so that I will be able to take care of your pet.   


How do you get my keys to my house?

You will supply two working keys at the consultation. The second key is for emergency backup.  It is kept in separate place from the first key.  If you only give me one key, then the owner will be responsible for locksmith charges for broken or non-working keys. We do not charge you to drop off your key after services. We will not leave keys at the house on the last visit for security.  Once you are home we can keep your key or return it to you.  If we need to pick up your keys after the consultation but before services start, a small pickup fee may be added.


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