Pet Services


Our dog and cat rates include the following services.

  • Supervised feedings
  • Medication if needed
  • Cleaning the yard and or litter box.
  • Play time
  • Grooming Sessions.
  • Pick up the mail
  • Turn lights on and off

Pet Sitting Day Visit:       $22.00 per visit

agt_forward (1) Morning Visit:  6:00-10:00

         agt_forward (1)Evening Visit    5:00-8:00


Regular pet visits are 30 minutes long, add 15 minutes for an additional $10.00.


Mid-day potty break:          $16.00 per visit   

  • agt_forward (1) Time of visit:  11:00-2:00

Just need a quick potty break for your dog or puppy.  Visits are 15-20 minutes.


Initial Consultation – 20 to 30 minutes.

 During this meeting we will go over in detail with you the pet sitting services that we offer.  I will fill out the required paperwork and answer your questions.  We will then tour your home so we know where the important items are stored.   We will spend a little time with your pet to see how we interact.  We can discuss your pet’s specific needs and go over details on how to best care for your pets and home while you’re away.  At the first consultation I will need two copies of your house key.  If you only have one  key to give us,  please give us the name of a person that will have access to your home in case of emergency.  If all goes well and you decide you would like our services,  we will need one-third of the total amount due, down as a deposit.  The remaining balance would be due with the at the end of the service.  Your key may be returned to you after you return home or we may keep it on file.  Which ever suits your needs the best. 

But wait I have a horse and goat??  Go to our Horse Sitting page and see what we can do for you. 

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